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    Concept of Adverb - English Grammar

    Posted on: 2015-05-26 Posted by: CLAT Gurukul Category: Archive Blog

    Adverb An adverb is a part of speech used mainly to modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. Adverbs describe how, where or when. Adverbs are formed in different ways:

    1. Some common adverbs have no suffixes, as in: here/there, now, well, just.
    1. Most adverbs are formed from adjectives by the addition of the ending “-ly” (as in suddenly, playfully, interestingly) or “-ally” after words in -ic (as in, automatically).
    1. Some adverbs are formed from nouns in combination with other suffixes: -wise (as in, clockwise, lengthwise) and -ward(s) (as in, northwards, westwards, skyward).
    1. Some adverbs can qualify other adverbs (the most common are intensifiers, such as very, as in “very quick”). Some adverbs have the same form as their adjective counterpart, e.g., fast, long, first.
    Not all words ending in -ly are adverbs: lovely, ungainly, and likely are adjectives. The word only and early may be either.   Positions of Adverb: The adverb often follows the verb it modifies: ex. I ate slowly. Sometimes it precedes the verb: ex.I slowly started walking on the ground. Sometimes position determines meaning: ex.I think clearly. (My thinking is clear.) or, I clearly think. (It is clear that I think.) Where emphasis is needed, the adverb may be put first, and the verb and subject inverted: Never have I seen such an amazing movie.  


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