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    Syllogism_Part 1 for CLAT, AILET, SET and Other Law Entrance Exams

    Posted on: 2014-08-02 Posted by: CLAT Gurukul Category: Archive Blog

    Directions to Solve Give answer: (A) If only conclusion I follows (B) If only conclusion II follows (C) If either I or II follows (D) If neither I nor II follows and (E) If both I and II follow.   1.Statements: No women teacher can play. Some women teachers are athletes. Conclusions: I. Male athletes can play. II. Some athletes can play. 2.Statements: All bags are cakes. All lamps are cakes. Conclusions: I.Some lamps are bags. II.No lamp is bag. 3.Statements: All mangoes are golden in colour. No golden-coloured things are cheap. Conclusions: I.All mangoes are cheap. II.Golden-coloured mangoes are not cheap. 4.Statements: Some kings are queens. All queens are beautiful. Conclusions: I.All kings are beautiful. II.All queens are kings. 5.Statements: Some doctors are fools. Some fools are rich. Conclusions: I.Some doctors are rich II.Some rich are doctors. 6.Statements: All roads are waters. Some waters are boats. Conclusions: I.Some boats are roads. II.All waters are boats. 7.Statements: No bat is ball. No ball is wicket. Conclusions: I.No bat is wicket. II.All wickets are bats. 8.Statements: All flowers are trees. No fruit is tree. Conclusions: I.No fruit is flower. II.Some trees are flowers.   9.Statements: Every minister is a student. Every student is inexperienced. Conclusions: I.Every minister is inexperienced. II.Some inexperienced are students. 10.Statements: All roads are poles. No pole is a house. Conclusions: I.Some roads are houses. II.Some houses are poles.   11.Statements: All fish are tortoise. No tortoise is a crocodile. Conclusions: I.No crocodile is a fish. II.No fish is a crocodile. 12.Statements: Some dedicated souls are angels. All social workers are angels. Conclusions: I.Some dedicated souls are social workers. II.Some social workers are dedicated souls. 13.Statements: No gentleman is poor. All gentlemen are rich. Conclusions: I.No poor man is rich. II.No rich man is poor. 14.Statements: Some swords are sharp. All swords are rusty Conclusions: I.Some rusty things are sharp. II.Some rusty things are not sharp. 15.Statements: All fishes are grey in colour. Some fishes are heavy. Conclusions: I.All heavy fishes are grey in colour. II.All light fishes are not grey in colour.  

    1. Statements: All good athletes win. All good athletes eat well.
    Conclusions: I. All those who eat well are good athletes. II. All those who win eat well.   17.Statements: All film stars are playback singers. All film directors are film stars. Conclusions: I.All film directors are playback singers. II. Some film stars are film directors.   18.Statements: All hill stations have a sun-set point. X is a hill station. Conclusions: I.X has a sun-set point. II. Places other than hill stations do not have sun-set points.   19.Statements: Some dreams are nights. Some nights are days. Conclusions: I.All days are either nights or dreams. II. Some days are nights.   20.Statements: All jungles are tigers. Some tigers are horses. Conclusions: I.Some horses are jungles. II. No horse is jungle.   21.Statements: All poles are guns. Some boats are not poles. Conclusions: I.All guns are boats. II. Some boats are not guns.   22.Statements: Many scooters are trucks. All trucks are trains. Conclusions: I.Some scooters are trains. II. No truck is a scooter.   23.Statements: Some papers are pens. Angle is a paper. Conclusions: I.Angle is not a pen. II. Angle is a pen.   24.Statements: All birds are tall. Some tall are hens. Conclusions: I.Some birds are hens. II. Some hens are tall.   25.Statements: Some papers are pens. Some pencils are pens. Conclusions: I.Some pens are pencils. II. Some pens are papers.     Directions to Solve In each of the following questions, two statements are given followed by three or four conclusions numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.   1. Statements: All branches are flowers. All flowers are leaves. Conclusions: I. All branches are leaves. II. All leaves are branches. III. All flowers are branches. IV. Some leaves are branches. A.None follows B.Only I and IV follow C.Only II and III follow D.All follow   2. Statements: Some bags are pockets. No pocket is a pouch. Conclusions: I. No bag is a pouch. II. Some bags are not pouches. III. Some pockets are bags. IV. No pocket is a bag, A.None follows B.Only I and III follow C.Only II and III follow D.Only either I or IV follows E.All follow   3. Statements: All aeroplanes are trains. Some trains are chairs. Conclusions: I. Some aeroplanes are chairs. II. Some chairs are aeroplanes. III. Some chairs are trains. IV. Some trains are aeroplanes. A.None follows B.Only I and II follow C.Only II and III follow D.Only III and IV follow   4. Statements: All politicians are honest. All honest are fair. Conclusions: I. Some honest are politicians. II. No honest is politician. III. Some fair are politicians. IV. All fair are politicians. A.None follows. B.Only I follows. C.Only I and II follow. D.Only I and III follow   5. Statements: Some clothes are marbles. Some marbles are bags. Conclusions: I. No cloth is a bag. II. All marbles are bags. III. Some bags are clothes. IV. No marble is a cloth. A.Only either I or IV follows B.Only either I or II follows C.None follows D.Only either I or III follows   Content is contributed by The Knowledge Tree (Best CLAT Coaching). The Knowledge Tree also conduct classroom coaching classes and crash courses for CLAT 2015.


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