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    Syllogism_Part 4 for CLAT, AILET, SET and Other Law Entrance Exams

    Posted on: 2014-08-11 Posted by: CLAT Gurukul Category: Archive Blog

    Directions to Solve

    In each of the following questions two statements are given. Which are followed by four conclusions (1), (2), (3) and (4). Choose the conclusions which logically follow from the given statements. 1. Statements: All the locks are keys. All the keys are bats. Some watches are bats. Conclusions: 1. Some bats are locks. 2. Some watches are keys. 3. All the keys are locks. A. Only (1) and (2) B. Only (1) C. Only (2) D. Only (1) and (3) 2. Statements: Some keys are staplers. Some staplers are stickers. All the stickers are pens. Conclusions: 1. Some pens are staplers. 2. Some stickers are keys. 3. No sticker is key. 4. Some staplers are keys. A. Only (1) and (2) B. Only (2) and (4) C. Only (2) and (3) D. Only (1) and (4) and either (2) or (3) 3. Statements: Some questions are answers. Some answers are writers. All the writers are poets. Conclusions: 1. Some writers are answers. 2. Some poets are questions. 3. All the questions are poets. 4. Some poets are answers. A. Only (1) and (2) B. Only (1) and (4) C. Only (1) and (3) D. Only (2) and (4) 4. Statements: Some envelops are gums. Some gums are seals. Some seals are adhesives. Conclusions: 1. Some envelopes are seals. 2. Some gums are adhesives. 3. Some adhesives are seals. 4. Some adhesives are gums. A. Only (3) B. Only (1) C. Only (2) D. Only (4) 5. Statements: All the papers are books. All the bags are books. Some purses are bags. Conclusions: 1. Some papers are bags. 2. Some books are papers. 3. Some books are purses. A. Only (1) B. Only (2) and (3) C. Only (1) and (2) D. Only (1) and (3) 6. Statements: Some rats are cats. Some cats are dogs. No dog is cow. Conclusions: 1. No cow is cat. 2. No dog is rat. 3. Some cats are rats. A. Only (1) B. Only (1) and (2) C. Only (1) and (3) D. Only (2) and (3) E. Only (3) 7. Statements: All the books are papers. Some papers are journals. Some journals are calendars. Conclusions: 1. Some journals are books. 2. Some calendars are papers. 3. Some books are journals. 4. Some books are calendars. A. Only (1) B. Only (2) C. Only (3) D. Only (4) E. None of the four 8. Statements: All the bottles are boxes. All the boxes are bags. Some bags are trays. Conclusions: 1. Some bottles are trays. 2. Some trays are boxes. 3. All the bottles are bags. 4. Some trays are bags. A. Only (3) and (4) B. Only (1) and (2) C. Only (2) and (3) D. Only (1) and (4) 9. Statements: Some cars are jeeps. All the boxes are jeeps. All the pens are cars. Conclusions: 1. Some cars are boxes. 2. No pen is jeep. 3. Some boxes are cars. A. None of three B. Only (1) and (2) C. Only (1) and (3) D. Only (2) and (3)


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