Sunday, July 25th, 2021



‘Azad Ki Shaurya Gatha’ exhibition on the martyr of freedom struggle Chandrashekhar Azad inaugurated at IGNCA 
Xi visits Tibet, first trip by leader in years 
NITI AAYOG -TRIFED join hands for successful implementation of  Van Dhan Yojana 
India betters UN trade facilitation survey score 
As part of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ 33/11kV 10 MVA Substation inaugurated in Bandipora, J&K  





‘Azad Ki Shaurya Gatha’ exhibition on the martyr of freedom struggle Chandrashekhar Azad inaugurated at IGNCA 



  • Union Minister of State for Culture and Parliamentary Affairs , Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal inaugurated the exhibition “Azad Ki Shaurya Gatha” focused on the life of immortal martyr ‘Chandrasekhar Azad’ as part of “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”. 


  • Books and documentaries were also released on the second day of the three-day ‘Kalakosh Pratishtha Diwas’ celebrations being celebrated by IGNCA. 


  • Efforts are being made to bring the necessary and authentic texts prepared under ‘Kala Tatvakosh’, ‘Kala Moolshastra’ and ‘Kala Samalochana’ in a short and easy form. 


  • They are going to start a series of new projects named “Shastra Amrutam”, under which they will present abridged and simplified versions of our literally books and texts.


  • In the beginning they are taking up the task of ten texts and will present 12 abridged versions within the next one year. The short, simple form of the texts will prove to be very useful for young researchers and scholars”. 




Xi visits Tibet, first trip by leader in years 



  • China’s President Xi Jinping this week became the first Chinese leader in many years to visit Tibet as well as its southeastern border region with India. 


  • This is Mr. Xi’s first visit to the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) since taking over as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China in 2012. 


  • This trip was timed to mark the 70th anniversary of what the Communist Party calls “the peaceful liberation of Tibet”. 


  • The Seventeen Point Agreement was signed on May 23, 1951. China refers to the agreement as heralding what it calls “the peaceful liberation of Tibet”. 


  • The agreement has been rejected by the Dalai Lama, who has said the Communist Party had both forced it on Tibet and subsequently violated its commitments, leading him to eventually flee to India in exile in 1959. 


  • Developing connectivity to border areas was a particular focus of the visit, evident in the visit to Nyingchi, a month after China started operating the first bullet train line in Tibet, linking Lhasa to Nyingchi near the border with Arunachal Pradesh. 


  • The China State Railway Group said the 435-km line, on which construction began in 2014, has a designed speed of 160 km per hour and would connect the capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region to the border city of Nyingchi with a travel time of three and a half hours. 





NITI AAYOG -TRIFED join hands for successful implementation of  Van Dhan Yojana


  • TRIFED is collaborating with NITI Aayog to implement the Van Dhan Yojana in the districts that have been identified as aspirational districts by NITI Aayog. 


  • The Van Dhan tribal start-ups and the Mechanism for Marketing of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) Through Minimum Support Price (MSP) & Development of Value Chain for MFP’ Scheme that provides MSP to gatherers of forest produces. 


  • As per TRIFED , 37,904 Van DhanVikas Kendras (VDVKs), subsumed into 2275 Van DhanVikas Kendra Clusters (VDVKCs) of 300 forest dwellers each,  have been sanctioned by TRIFED as of date. A typical Van DhanVikas Kendra includes 20 tribal members. 


  • Out of the 41 aspirational districts under Category I with Tribal Population more than 50%, VDVKCs are sanctioned in 39 aspirational districts. 


  • TRIFED’s Van DhanYojana is in different stages of implementation in the 124 districts which have been declared as Aspirational Districts. In these districts the classification has been done based on the percentage of tribal population. 


  • The collaboration and partnership with NITI Aayog along with the support of the collectors and other district officials is aimed at a complete transformation of the tribal ecosystem across the country. 





India betters UN trade facilitation survey score 



  • India scored 32 per cent in the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific’s (UNESCAP) latest Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation. 


  • The survey is conducted every two years by UNESCAP and includes an assessment of 58 trade facilitation measures covered by the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement. 


  • India’s score was 49 per cent in 2019. The overall score of India is found to be greater than many OECD countries including France, UK, Canada, Norway, Finland. 


  • India is the best-performing country when compared to the South and South-West Asia region (63.12%) and the Asia Pacific region (65.85%). The overall score of India is even greater than the average score of the EU. 


  • In its evaluation of 143 economies, the Survey for 2021 has pointed out India’s improvement. 


  • The survey reveals that India has made significant improvement in the scores on all 5 key indicators, as follows:


  • Transparency:100% in 2021 (93.33% in 2019),
  • Formalities:83% in 2021 (87.5% in 2019),
  • Institutional Arrangement and Cooperation:89% in 2021 (66.67% in 2019),
  • Paperless Trade:3% in 2021 (81.48% in 2019) and
  • Cross-Border Paperless Trade:67% in 2021 (55.56% in 2019) 


  • These 58 measures include publications of existing import-export rules on internet, risk management, advance ruling on tariff classification, pre-arrival processing, independent appeal mechanism expedited shipments, automated customs system, among others. 




As part of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ 33/11kV 10 MVA Substation inaugurated in Bandipora, J&K 


  • A 33/11kV 10 MVA Substation commissioned under the IPDS scheme of the Government of India was inaugurated in Nusso, Bandipora. Power Finance Corporation is the Nodal Agency for IPDS scheme. 


  • The inauguration ceremony is a part of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ celebrations marking 75 years of India’s independence. 


  • The inauguration ceremony was attended by senior dignitaries from PFC & RECPDCL (the project Implementation agency). 


  • The substation which was sanctioned with a cost of Rs 3.85 crore will benefit more than 2400 households in areas of Nishat Bandipora, Baghi Bandipora, Nusso, Lankreshara, Papchan and the surrounding areas. 


  • Additionally, the substation will reduce the curtailment of power supply in the region.The substation will also ensure that the Ajar station gets relieved by 450 Amps of electricity.