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Current affairs (2ND FEBRUARY)

Current affairs (2ND FEBRUARY)



Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced two new central sponsorship plans, namely Prime Minister Aatma Nirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana and Mission Poshan 2.0 while announcing the alliance budget for 2021.

According to the announcement, a new central sponsorship program will be launched called PM Aatma Nirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana

PM Aatma Nirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana: In addition, the expenditure of Rs. Prime Minister Aatma Nirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana announced Rs 661.8 billion, which is more than 6 years old.

This was announced in addition to the National Health Mission (NHM). PM Aatma Nirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana includes the following interventions:

Support is provided in approximately 17,788 rural and 11,024 urban health care centers. Establish PM national lifetime medical institutions. 15 health emergency operations centers and 2 mobile hospitals have been established.

Established 4 regional national virology institutes. Comprehensive public health laboratories have been established in all regions, and 3,382 public health departments have been established in all 11 states.

Establish intensive care hospital districts in 602 districts and 12 central institutions. Strengthen the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), 5 regional branches and 20 large-city health surveillance departments.

Expand the comprehensive health information portal to all states and UT to connect all public health laboratories. Establish a three-level biosafety laboratory.

17 new public health departments were established and 33 existing public health departments were strengthened. Establish a WHO regional research platform in Southeast Asia.

Mission Pushan 2.0 will be launched, with the goal of improving nutrient content, provision, extension and results. The plan will merge the slope mountain Abidjan and the supplementary nutrition plan.

The mission is to improve nutritional outcomes in 112 Aspirational Districts. Aspirational Districts are those areas that are affected by poor socioeconomic indicators in India.

These areas are ambitious, because if any improvement is made in these areas, it may lead to an overall improvement in human development in India.


Smriti Irani, Textiles Minister of India, held the 8th India International Silk Fair on the virtual portal.

This fair is the largest silk fair in India. The fair is held under a roof of the virtual platform of the Indian Silk Export Promotion Council. The Expo lasts for five days.

More than 200 overseas buyers have registered. In addition, about 200 Indian overseas representatives will interact with more than 100 well-known and large Indian companies engaged in the production and trade of silk and silk blended products.

Silk is a luxury item in India. Approximately 97% of raw mulberry silk is native to five states, namely Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Gujarat. Mysore and North Bangalore will also be home to a Silk City costing US$20 million.

In Tamil Nadu, mulberry silk cultivation is concentrated in Salem, Erode and Dhamapuri regions. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, and Gobichettipalayam in Tamil Nadu are the first locations to build automatic silk reeling units.

India is the second largest silk producer after China. India is also the world’s largest silk consumer. India is also the only country in the world that produces all four major silk varieties-Mulberry, Eri, Tassar and Muga.


The Bangladesh Authorities recently moved about 1,750 Rohingya Muslims to a disputed island in the Bay of Bengal called “Bhashan Char Island”. This move-in Bangladesh was opposed by refugees already living on the island.

The island is also called Char Piya. It is in Hatiya Upazila, Bangladesh. The island is located in the Bay of Bengal, about 6 kilometres from Sandwip Island and 60 kilometres from the mainland. Its area is 40 square kilometres.

Bhahan Char island was formed in 2006 by Himalayan silt. Cox’s Bazar is a city, fishing port, tourist centre and regional headquarters in southern Bangladesh. The city is famous for its long natural sandy beaches. It is also called Panowa.

Sandwip Island is an island on the southeast coast of Bangladesh in Chittagong District. The island is part of Sandwip Upazila.


Union Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports, Kiren Rijiju has launched a breakthrough Reference Material for use in chemical testing in the field of anti-doping.

A reference material jointly synthesised by the National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL) and National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Guwahati.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NDTL and NIPER Guwahati was signed in August 2020 which proposes to synthesize 20 rarely available Reference Materials (RMs) during a period of 3 years.

This Reference Material (RM), has been identified by NDTL as one of the rarely available RMs globally and would be used to strengthen anti-doping measures in all World Anti Doping Agency (WADA)-accredited laboratories.

  • President of WADA: Sir Craig Reedie
  • Headquarters: Montreal, Canada.
  • Founded: 10 November 1999.

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd (SBI Card) has appointed Rama Mohan Rao Amara as its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer for a period of two years.

Rao is a veteran banker, with a successful career spanning over 29 years at SBI, the credit card company. Prior to taking charge at SBI Card, he was the Chief General Manager, SBI Bhopal Circle.

Earlier this week, Ashwini Kumar Tewari had resigned from the post of MD and CEO of SBI Card owing to his appointment as the Managing Director of State Bank of India (SBI).

  • SBI Card Founded: October 1998.
  • SBI Card Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana.

World Wetlands Day is observed every year on February 2 globally. The day aims to raise awareness about the crucial role played by wetlands for people and our planet.

The international theme for World Wetlands Day 2021 is ‘Wetlands and Water’. 2021 marks 50 years of the Convention on Wetlands.

The day is celebrated to mark the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on February 2, 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea. World Wetlands Day was first celebrated in 1997.

Wetlands are a habitat for a dense variety of plant and animal species and also rich with the biodiversity which is declining according to the researcher’s estimates.

These are the land areas that are saturated or flooded with water either perennially or seasonally.

  • Coastal wetlands: mangroves, estuaries, saltwater marshes, lagoons etc.
  • Inland wetlands: marshes, fens, lakes, swamps, rivers, floodplains and ponds.
  • Human-made wetlands: Fish ponds, saltpans, and rice paddies.

The 45th Anniversary of the Indian Coast Guard was observed on February 01, 2021. February 1st is the anniversary of the Indian Coast Guard.

The Indian Coast Guard is a maritime law enforcement agency and a search and rescue agency designed to protect India’s long coastline and maritime interests.

It was established in 1977. Currently, there are 156 ships and 62 aircraft in the army’s inventory.

As the fourth largest coast guard in the world, the Indian Coast Guard plays an important role in ensuring the safety of India’s coast and enforcing Indian maritime regulations. Its motto is “Vayam Rakshamah”, which means “We Protect”.




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CLAT Gurukul is contributing to the Law Entrance Test form a long time and achieved a great rank in terms of Law Entrance Exam Preparation Institutes. Every Competitive exam needs Speed And Accuracy and these are what exactly matters in these kind of exam.

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