Refund Policy of CLAT Gurukul

CLAT Gurukul has clear refund policies. There is a set of rules and regulations applicable for all stakeholders. The management of the institute has well-defined guidelines related to refund policy. The guidelines or the rules apply to any course, online or offline, of any duration.
Here are the major points associated to the refund policy of the institute:


  • No cancellation policy is applicable once the admission of a student is complete in any of the study courses of CLAT Gurukul. Hence, there will be no refund of money.
  • A student can submit refund application citing proof and solid reasons for genuine issues. The issues can include academic problems, medical emergencies, change of address, etc. The management of the institute will assess the problem and decide accordingly.
  • The student has to submit a clearly written application, requesting the refund. He or she has to mention the issue and exact reasons. Valid facts should back-up the reason of withdrawing from the study course.
  • No verbal request for refund is entertained. Also, CLAT Gurukul disqualifies any refund request via phone-call, SMS or WhatsApp message. There should be complete formality and adherence to the regulations.
  • The student needs to maintain a minimum level of attendance to request the refund. There should be 80% (or more) attendance in the study course. Any lower level of attendance makes the student ineligible to request refund for the course.
  • It should be noted that the date at which the student submits the refund request is considered to be the last working day. The day from which the student stops attending classes of the institute is not considered in this case.
  • The management of CLAT Gurukul will hold a formal meeting with the student and his/her parents after receiving the application requesting refund.
  • It is mandatory for all the stakeholders to attend the meeting to discuss the application and process it accordingly.
  • The student is ineligible to request a refund after a course is over (even if he/she doesn’t attend a single class). Any such refund request is disqualified.
  • The refund regulations remain universal even if the student joins the study course late or does not attend any class after depositing the course fees.
  • The refund cheque (if the management of CLAT Gurukul decides to refund) bears the name of the student. Hence, it is mandatory for the student to have a valid bank account to formally receive the refund.
  • Clat Gurukul strongly reserves the right to disqualify any refund application from any student without any specific reason, whatsoever.
  • It should be noted that there are multiple stages of refunding the money to the student.
  • The duration of refunding the course fees to the student takes 40 to 45 days.
  • The actual course fee is considered to calculate the refund fees (without GST / any other taxes).
  • The administrative service fee component of the course fee is non-refundable. The rule is applicable for any course.
  • There is a quarterly fee that is deducted from the refund amount. It does not depend on the date on which the refund application is submitted.
  • Even if the student has received a scholarship, the refund calculations would be done following the regulations from a legal point of view.


Maintaining the rules mentioned above is topmost priority for every stakeholder involved in the processing the refund policy for any study course of CLAT Gurukul.
If any individual has any doubts about regulations, he or she can feel free to get in touch with the management of CLAT Gurukul. The management will be more than happy to clear the doubts, pro-actively.

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