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Mock Test Series for CLAT

Mock Test Series for CLAT

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Preparation for CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), without a sufficient exposure to the actual exam like Simulation Papers or Mock Tests is just not complete.One must understand that CLAT is not merely a test of Knowledge but also a test of Speed and Accuracy. With the cut-offs of National Law Schools rising every year, Speed & Accuracy become more crucial for securing a berth in a good NLS.

Keeping the above mentioned constarints in mind, CLAT Gurukul has come up with the Mock Test Series for CLAT 2021 called myDiagnosis.

About CG myDiagnosis CLAT Test Series

Comprehensive preparation programme consisting of 40 Online Mock Tests, based on the CLAT Pattern of previous years, developed by our team of experts

It provides an Online Quizzing Platform to improve Speed and Accuracy

It has the most well researched questions that have been put in the Tests in such a way that it provides coherenece and direction to one’s preparation for CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams

Detailed Analysis of every mock test by our Experts

500+ Unit Tests (Chapter-wise and Sectional Tests)

Comparative Analysis of each Live Mock Test and Online Mock Test with other test takers
Feedback Sessions with students for Mock test

Increase Your Chances of Cracking CLAT by Appearing In Multiple Mock Tests

Preparing for CLAT requires a clear vision. As an enthusiastic aspirant, you need to have a plan. One of the most important elements of the plan is CLAT prep mock test series. It boosts the quality of your preparation. A CLAT mock test can be free online or bear a price tag. It is recommended to sit for mock tests designed by a top-rated coaching institute.

There are multiple benefits

CLAT Gurukul is renowned for the best CLAT mock test series available in the market. It is extensive and tailored by experienced teachers. There are practically many advantages of the mock tests, as explained in the rest of the blog.

Getting accustomed with the question pattern

One of the top benefits of CLAT mock test series is you nicely get accustomed to the pattern of questions in various sections. So, on the D-day, you don’t get surprised by the question paper. By then, you already have practiced several times through numerous mock tests.

Whether it is the legal aptitude section, quantitative segment, English or any other section, you are aware of the wide range of question varieties. You remain confidently prepared for it. The mock exams help you to do so.

Improving the speed of solving questions

As a candidate, you need to continuously work on the speed of solving questions. Time is obviously limited. You need to manage everything within the stipulated timeframe. CLAT Online Test Series significantly help you to better time management skills.

As you sit for more and more mock tests, you realize that the speed at which you solve questions is markedly increasing. It is encouraging. Both your focus and confidence surge. The CLAT Mock Test Series Online definitely makes you more skillful in this regard.

Improving accuracy level

Managing time in your exam is important, but not the ‘only’ important thing to consider. You also have to focus on the level of accuracy. The number of correctly answered questions is what matters at the end of the day. Accordingly, you need to dedicatedly work on it.

The Free CLAT Mock Test is incredibly effective in improving your accuracy. You get ideas about how you fare in every segment of the exam. The teachers analyze the performance. They prescribe you way to get rid of the problems. You flexibly develop better test-taking strategies. It sharpens your temperament in the long run.

Targeting 2022 CLAT

It is a wise decision to start your preparation with considerable time in hand. Targeting the 2022 edition of the CLAT exam becomes easier when you register for CLAT Gurukul’s exclusive CLAT mock test series 2022. The extensiveness of the test series is highly impressive.

The test series covers the full syllabus of CLAT. It does not miss any topic in any segment. It has a thoroughly comprehensive and professional approach. The mock exams enable you to check where you stand in your preparation. The series helps in building better strategies.

40 mock tests for you

When you buy the CLAT 2022 Mock Tests Series of CLAT Gurukul, you get access to 40 mock tests on the online platform. So, there is absolutely no dearth of options in sitting for ample mock exams. You get several opportunities to test your mettle.

The institute sets a competitive environment for you. You receive a detailed assessment of your performance for each mock exam you sit for. It is hugely beneficial to improvise your test-taking strategies. Also, you can create a better result-oriented study plan.

Well-researched and meticulously designed questions

The questions papers of the CLAT Free Mock Test Series by CLAT Gurukul are expertly designed by experienced tutors. They have many years of experience coaching aspirants for the exam. The pattern is updated according to the latest changes in the syllabus.

Questions in each of the segments are researched in-depth. They cover every topic that falls under the curriculum. As a test taker, you come across a large variety of questions. It helps in making your skills more robust.
The style and nature of previous years’ questions are taken into account. Various levels of toughness are inter-mixed in different tests.

More than 500 Unit Tests

You would be delighted to know that there are more than 500 unit tests in the CLAT Gurukul’s package. Such tests help you to prepare for the exam at a granular level. You become aware of all types of questions you might counter on the D-day.

Provision for free online test

CLAT Gurukul constantly provides support to the aspirants in various forms. For example, you can take CLAT mock test free online, for which you don’t have to pay any fee. It helps you immensely to understand the status of your preparation.

Sit for regular mock tests

It is wise to regularly sit for mock tests. You remain in touch with various topics of the CLAT curriculum. The test series of CLAT Gurukul is designed in a way to keep you on track in the whole preparatory period. It deepens you focus and improves exam-preparedness.

Gear up for 2022

You can exercise any of the two options to understand where you stand in terms of sitting for the CLAT exam in 2022. You either sit for the CLAT Mock Test 2022 without any preparation to check the status, or study for a couple of months and then take the test. Gradually, you need to take multiple mock tests.

Affordable price

By now, it is hoped that you are convinced with every feature of the mock test series of CLAT Gurukul. There is one more attribute in the impressive list of features. The price tag of the mock test series is very reasonable. You don’t have to pay a huge amount to avail it. Also, CLAT Gurukul offers you discount, further reducing the price.

Success will be yours

The intelligent thing to do in preparing for CLAT 2022 is availing the superbly designed mock test series of CLAT Gurukul. The probability of cracking CLAT would increase. All the Best!

Mock Test Series for CLAT

Rs. 6000.00


You Save ₹3000.00

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