1 out of Every 3 Students of CLAT Gurukul get selected in NLUs| Hear from our students

CLAT Gurukul Legacy continues

CLAT Coaching in Patna

Hashir AIR 260 Student in Crash Course & Target Classroom One Year Course

I joined CLAT Gurukul during my 11th only. CLAT 2020 wasn’t easy, the pattern changed and covid-19, but CLAT Gurukul was acing during that time. They were always ready to avail us whatever was needed for our preparation. Be it Mock Tests, or the Study Material everything was precise and relevant. Teachers were always ready to help, and always available to connect to. Even though the exam was postponed for a long time, we were continually getting regular classes via online format, given the Covid crisis we were facing. Not only that, NLS Bengaluru started NLAT, for which our coaching provided the mocks to practice before any other institute. I will forever be grateful to the teachers here at CLAT Gurukul, and would render this advice to any aspirants who wants to prepare for CLAT or any other law entrance tests and that is ‘CLAT Gurukul is the place to go for, if cracking Law entrance tests is your goal.’.

CLAT Coaching in Patna

Aryan AIR 359 Student in Target Classroom One Year Course

I was preparing for NEET initially, but then I got to know about CLAT, and soon after I decide to start preparing for CLAT rather. I will always be indebted to my parents and my faculties that I came in contact with at CLAT Gurukul. All the materials, mocks, assignments etc. were most relevant for CLAT. All the teachers there always stood up for us, and always supported us in our preparation. Not only in, or during classes, but we were allowed to contact the teachers at any given time, considering the Covid crisis that was going on. CLAT Gurukul showed exceptional grit in adapting to the new pattern of CLAT as well. I am grateful towards CLAT Gurukul’s faculties, be it Anurag Sir, Nilanjan Sir or Abhinav Sir, for the guidance and the well wishes they bestowed upon us. They take our preparation seriously, and that is no joke. I am fortunate that I have landed in one of the premiere law schools on India, and a major part of it is directly due to CLAT Gurukul.

CLAT Coaching in Patna

Subhranshu Suraj AIR 24 Student in Target Classroom One Year Course

I started my CLAT preparation after class 11th, and I changed my interest from Engineering to Law entrance tests. I got to know about CLAT Gurukul from my friends. I had no idea regarding the preparation and the entrance test. The faculties there help me start off my preparation in a proper manner. I had problems in time management, which was taken care of by the teachers, as they advised me to work on each sections separately with different strategy in head. It helped a lot. Later on, the pattern of the CLAT exam changed which came as a big blow to all of us. But fortunately enough, CLAT Gurukul was quick to adapt to the new pattern, they promptly provided us with all the relevant content that we needed. I had subscribed other mock tests as well, but this is a given fact that CLAT Gurukul’s mock series was most helpful and relevant. The faculties were excellent in their approach, they were always available for us, and held us accountable for our shortcomings. We all could connect to them whenever we wanted, which was the key, as it helped us in being composed and calm during such troublesome times. Anyway, I am happy that I landed in NLS, Bangalore, also known as the Harvard of East, and all because of my efforts, Parent’s cooperation and the tremendous guidance from CLAT Gurukul.

CLAT Coaching in Patna

Siddhart Shankar Singh AIR 1086

I am thankful to CLAT Gurukul, that I will be completing my Law degree from a premiere law school. The team here is tremendous, the way they adapted to the new pattern of CLAT, and also coped with the Covid created situation in a composed manner. They quickly shifted too online method, using their Advance Learning Management system, which allowed us to take regular classes even when the lockdown was fully implemented. The Mock Tests were a bit trying at times, but only after writing the real exam it became clear to me that it was needed as well. We were fully equipped with the required skill that was needed on the D-Day. Anyway, I will always fall short of explaining how CLAT Gurukul team has helped me in my preparation, so in short I would say that CLAT Gurukul justifies its name, it really is a great incubation for any aspirant wanting to crack law entrance examinations in our country.


Kunal Kumar (GNLU, Gandhi Nagar)

During my preparations, I had relied heavily on the material provided to me by CG. It was easy to understand, informative, and gave me a clear template of what I had to study. More than that, if I ever had a doubt, the teachers were ever-ready to help. Their assistance and constant support were instrumental in keeping me motivated and on top of my content. I don’t know what I would’ve done without CG. They facilitated my preparation in every conceivable way!


by Aman Kumar (GNLU, Gandhinagar)

“CG provided me with great faculty members and resources to prepare for law entrance tests. The difficulty level of the Mocks varies; thereby, preparing the student to face and kind of situation in the exam. The faculty members have been extremely encouraging and supportive. CG has also been very kind to schedule class depending on your needs. Thank You.


Aditi Shankar (GNLU, Gandhinagar)

“During my preparations, I had relied heavily on the material provided to me by CG. It was easy to understand informative, and gave me a clear template of what I had to study. More than that, if I ever had a doubt, the teachers were ever-ready to help. Their assistance and constant support were instrumental in keeping me motivated and on top of my content. I don’t know what I would’ve done without CG. They facilitated my preparations in every conceivable way!


by Mushkan Sharma (NALSAR, Hyderabad)

I am really thankful to the whole team of CG  for their guidance. The Mocks were of varying difficulty level, which helped formulate a strategy and manage time accordingly . I will especially recommend CG Test Series as it really helped me gauge my preparation of a particular section or topic. Also, CG compendium is the best current  affairs compendium  available!


by Aashta Krishna (NLU, Delhi)

“CG provided me a platform to prepare for law entrance tests with the brilliant, well-maintained exam application at clatgurukul.com, and the experienced and knowledgeable faculty members. With convenient classes and constant guidance, supplemented with fabulous study material, I can safely say that choosing CG over others has been one of the better academic decisions of my life.


by Utkarsh Srivastava (NALSAR, Hyderabad)

I thank CLAT Gurukul for the role it played in my selection to top law schools in the country. The comprehensive study material, Mocks, Current Affairs, and one-on-one doubt sessions made sure that I was fully prepared for D-Day.

best result oriented clat coaching in patna

by Kharari Prakash (NLU Delhi)

My association with CLAT Gurukul was very fruitful for my CLAT and AILET preparation. The institution provided me with the best possible faculty, teaching material and especially Mock Test. Thank you Team CG!


by Kumar Abhinav (NLIU, Bhopal)

“Be it in terms of the content in basic course material, the learning imparted in classes, or the comprehensiveness of the test series, CLAT Gurukul has been great.


by Aishwarya Shikha (HNLU, Raipur)

“It has been truly enriching experience with CLATGurukul. I never faced any issue with respect to the administrative aspects. The planning team is extremely helpful and flexible too.

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CLAT Coaching in Patna
CLAT Coaching in Patna
CLAT Coaching in Patna
CLAT Coaching in Patna

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CLAT Gurukul Results

CLAT Gurukul has been a premier coaching institute for aspirants aiming to crack CLAT and get admissions in National Law Universities (NLUs). In recent years, the institute has played an instrumental role in producing the Best CLAT Results from bihar. In fact, one out of every 3 students from CLAT Gurukul has been successful in getting admission in an NLU.


The teachers at the institute have several years of experience in coaching candidates who sit for law entrance examples. They provide continuous support in a planned way to help the students achieve success.


Subhranshu Suraj, a student of CLAT Gurukul, got an All India Rank of 24 (AIR 24) in CLAT. According to his words, the institute helped him immensely in preparing for the tough exam. He started studying for CLAT just after his class 11 exams. He joined the 1-year Target Course of CLAT Gurukul.


Subhranshu had issues with time management. The institute mended his problems effectively. He learnt unique strategies from the teachers to tackle different sections in the exam, by appearing in mock test series. He sincerely prepared according to the instructions of the teachers. He got admission in NLS, Bangalore.


CLAT Gurukul has produced bihar topper many times in various law entrance exams, including CLAT. Students trust the institute to achieve success. The results have been consistent over the years. Even outstation students enroll in CLAT Gurukul for proper guidance in cracking the exams.


According to Aashta Krishna, another CLAT Gurukul student, who landed up with an admission letter from NLU Delhi, the institute was the perfect platform to prepare for the exam. She received dedicated support from the experienced faculty members. Aashta particularly praised the detailed, well-structured, and well-researched study materials of CLAT Gurukul.


She added that the classes of the coaching centre were very convenient for her. She had ample flexibility to attend those classes. She considers selecting CLAT Gurukul to be an excellent academic decision that has shown her a clear, confident career path. She is very grateful to the contribution of the institute.


The teachers leave no stoners unturned in providing guidance to the students. They help the aspirants to develop a better approach and effective strategies to crack not only CLAT, but other law entrance exams, too, with flying colours. The results have been fabulous, as the institute has produced bihar topper many times in recent years.


The words of Siddhart Shankar Singh, another student of the coaching centre, ring the same bell of genuine appreciation for the CLAT Gurukul. He cleared CLAT comfortably and got admitted in one of the top NLUs of the country. He is elated about it.


Siddhart particularly praised the manner in which CLAT Gurukul efficiently handled the COVID situation. There was no lapse from the coaching centre in the rigour of preparing the students for the exam. He leveraged the features of the Advanced Learning System of the institute to improve his skills remarkably.


Moreover, the expertly designed mock test series of the institute incredibly helped him to improve the quality of preparation. He could understand where he stood in terms of achieving a qualifying score. Also, Siddhart got accustomed with the updated pattern of questions. He strongly recommends enrolling in a study course of CLAT Gurukul if one nurtures the dream of getting selected in an NLU.


Each year, more and more students believe in the capability of the coaching centre, as the Best CLAT Results from bihar have been produced by it. The study environment is very comfortable and interactive. Students feel confident to exchange views and add more value to their preparation.


Kharari Prakash is another student in the long list of successful candidates who got admitted in NLUs after getting coached by CLAT Gurukul. He completely agrees that the institute’s professional coaching methods have been the reasons for his success. Kharari praises the high experienced and expert faculty members of the coaching centre.


According to opinions of Kumar Abhinav, yet another successful student, who got admission in NLIU Bhopal, the basic course materials of CLAT Gurukul are of superb quality. They are comprehensive, covering each and every topic of the curriculum. He regards the mock test series to be incredibly effective, too.


CLAT Gurukul evolves its teaching methods continuously. It monitors the changes in the CLAT curriculum for CLAT and other law entrance exams. Accordingly, it sets and implements beneficial strategies for the students. The institute creates mock question papers to let the student understand the exact pattern and nature of the exam.


The mock test series helps in improving the speed, accuracy and time management skills of the aspirants to a remarkable extent.


As an NLU aspirant, when you get your name enrolled in CLAT Gurukul, you can be surer of increasing your chances in cracking the CLAT exam, with the help of professional guidance.