Different course categories of a top CLAT coaching institute

Thursday, August 26th, 2021

Enrolling in the most suitable study course to prepare for CLAT is very important. It is wise to know about the features of the course. Also, the type of course you select depends on when you begin preparing for the exam. Moreover, it is crucial to choose a top-rated institute that offers such courses. Here is a list of different categories of courses you can consider.

Online Foundation Course

The course is for 2 years. Enrolling in the course after passing class 10th Board Exam is the perfect time to invest in it. CLAT Gurukul, a premier institute providing high-end clat coaching in Patna, offers the course for aspirants like you. It covers all the basic concepts of the syllabus in a detailed way. Gradually, as the course progresses, you learn about the more advanced concepts. Your exam-taking skills grow significantly.

In 2 years, you reach a position to sit confidently for the CLAT exam. There are mock test series that equip you with incredible dexterity. You also learn time management skills. The extensive attributes of online clat coaching in Patna create value for your exam preparation.

Online Target Course

The course length is for 1 year. You can join the course after your class 11 years. Many students enroll after passing class 12th board exam, when they take a year gap. You are groomed for a whole year. The experienced teachers apply systematic methods to prepare you for the exam.

The study materials you receive during the course are of high quality. Each and every topic of the curriculum is meticulously covered. You also get ample opportunities to participate in online live video sessions. The mentors teach you on the virtual platform. There is a detailed evaluation of your performance in mock test series.

CLAT Mock Test Series

Some of you might require special attention to get the feeling of sitting for the real exam. Mock test series are particularly important in this context. By purchasing the mock tests of a top institute, you get the required exposure in a real-life environment.

The mock tests let you understand the structure of test questions. Also, you become aware of the position where you stand. The tests reveal your strengths and weaknesses. You are able to improvise on your test-taking strategies. A reliable institute also has the provision for unit tests and section tests. You receive a detailed analysis of your performance for each of the mock tests.

Offline Foundation Course

The Offline Foundation Course is for 2 years. It is the offline version of the 2-year online foundation course. You have to be physically present in the class to avail coaching and mentorship benefits.

Experts from the education sector design the course structure in a flawless way, with a highly professional approach. You can join the study course after your 10th board exams. You get the opportunity to sit for more than 80 mock tests. Moreover, there are more than 500 unit tests. The comprehensive study materials of the study course would enrich your preparation. There are more than 700 classroom hours.

Offline Target Course

The course length is 1 year. You can say that it is the offline version of the 1-year online target course. Teachers with several years of CLAT coaching experience mentor the aspirants. You learn a wide range of tricks and tips to successfully crack the exam. Besides CLAT, you also get support to crack other entrance exams for Law Colleges. You receive online facilities, too.

Crash Course

Some of the students might require a well-structured Crash Course to quickly revise the fundamentals and sit for few mock tests as last-minute preparation strategies. Enrolling your name in a trusted crash course of a renowned institute is the right thing to do. The course has a competitive rate.

Select an appropriate study course

Explore the study courses. Check out the features of each. Buy a course after you are convinced with its facilities and attributes.