How to strategize your CLAT 2022 preparation?

Monday, July 26th, 2021

The Common Law Admission Test or CLAT in short form is the exam for getting admission in national law colleges or universities. Each year, thousands of candidates sit for the exam to aim for an illustrious career as a lawyer. If you want to crack the exam, then you need to strategize accordingly, especially seeking guidance from a top-rated coaching institute. You can prepare all by yourself, but the chances of gaining success in the exam increase manifold when you enrol in a certified coaching centre that trains students for CLAT.

Understanding the structure of CLAT

Before you start preparing for the exam, it is essential to understand the detailed structure of the exam. In 2020, the concerned authorities have brought in few changes in the curriculum and structure of the exam. The Best CLAT Coaching in Patna, CLAT Gurukul, adapts to such changes, making it convenient for the students to sit for the exam without facing any issues.

There are overall 5 sections in the exam, namely English section that includes comprehension, current affairs section that includes general knowledge, section for quantitative techniques, legal reasoning and logical reasoning. Overall, you would be asked 150 multiple choice questions in CLAT. There are 150 marks in the exam. For each correct answer, you receive a positive mark. On the other hand, for each incorrect answer, you would get a negative score of -0.25 marks. Getting enrolled in a coaching centre providing Best CLAT Coaching in Patna assures you of every requisite bit of information regarding taking the exam.

Expanding your vocabulary

One of the major techniques that you should include in your strategies is learning new English words each and every. You must constantly focus on expanding your vocabulary. If the repertoire of your English words is strong, then you are ahead of other in the competition. You would be at an advantageous position in cracking the exam.

Do not rush

It is not a wise decision to rush things in the due process of preparing for the exam. You have to remain organized and strategize with a cool ahead, in order to gain mileage in the long run. For example, when you attempt questions from the English section, read the passage or sentences twice and try to grasp the essence of the question. This would certainly help you in marking the correct answer.

You must read vigorously

It is very important to read vigorously in order to strengthen the preparation for cracking the CLAT exam. Besides reading the English dailies, you need to go through various articles discussing current affair topics on different blogs. Also, ensure your participation in various online discussion forums. You would be aware of things happening around, especially from national and global perspectives.

Pick up tricks and tips

You must also constantly try to learn new sets of tricks and tips that would help you in cracking the exam using select short-cuts. The knowledge would also help you saving precious time.

Expand you GK and knowledge on current affairs

Make it mandatory to regularly read about general knowledge and various topics covering current affairs. Keep in mind that this is one of the important sections covered in the exam. You can score high marks, even full marks, if you are strongly prepared.

Sit for mock tests

It is also hugely important to sit for as many mock tests as possible in order to assess your position for the exam. A top-rated coaching institute would always arrange for several mock tests and sectional tests for its students. Take full advantage of such facilities in order to intensify your preparation for CLAT.

Strategize the time you have

You need to intelligently strategize the time available to you. Allocate separate time for different sections. Also, keep aside some time for revision.

Follow the above-mentioned tips

When you follow the instructions mentioned in this blog, the probability of cracking CLAT automatically increases. Best of Luck for CLAT!