Legal Reasoning ,Practice Set-2 (Law of Contracts)

Friday, June 4th, 2021

Legal Reasoning for CLAT,  Practice Set-2 (Law of Contracts)

Here we are providing you a compilation of great questions to help you prepare effectively for CLAT. Legal Reasoning for CLAT, AILET, and other Law Entrance Exams.

This practice set is based on Criminal Law, the questions are in hypothetical nature, relevant for CLAT, AILET, MHCET, and other Law Entrance Examinations.

Here is a snippet of the question, important for CLAT, and other Law Entrance Exams.

Legal Principle: An Agreement made with the intention of entering into legal relationship give rise to a contract. (From CLAT Gurukul All India Mock Test Series))

Factual Situation: Mr. Mukesh invites Mr Vijay to a dinner at a hotel. Mr. Vijay accepts the invitation. It is purely a social agreement. Mr Vijay fails to arrive at the dinner and finds out that Mr Mukesh has to go out and is not available at his place at the dinner time due to some important work.
Issue: is Mr Vijay liable for the non-performance of contract with Mr Mukesh
(a) Mr Vijay is liable because he has not performed the content.
(b) Mr Vijay is not liable because there was no contract; it was just a social agreement.
(c) it will be the discretion of the court.
(d) None of these.


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