Questions on Noun for CLAT

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

Given below are sentences in which you are required to fill in the blank choosing the correct alternative.The alternatives are a set of homonyms,that is,words which sound similar but are spelt differently : 1) I have ———- that she is a very good singer. ( herd,heard) 2) I will need a ———– sheet of paper to write all of this down.( plain,plane) 3) That is the greatest ————– I have ever received.( compliment,complement) 4) Jane thinks blueberry cheese cake is the best ——- in the world.(desert,dessert). 5) People make fun of him because he staggers and has a strange ———- ( gate,gait). 2) Give the abstract noun of the following : a) Long b) Strong c)Proud d)Punish e)Die The above questions have been contributed by Knowledge Tree (Best coaching institute for CLAT and other law entrance exams.)