When should I join CLAT coaching classes?

Monday, July 5th, 2021

One of the questions confusing most of the CLAT aspirants is – when to join the coaching class? Yes, it is indeed to ascertain the timing of joining the coaching class. But, before that, as  an candidate, it is important to select a high-standard coaching institute that would help you in multiple ways to prepare for the exam. After you are certain about the coaching classes, you can check out the various course packages of the institute and then opt for the one that is suitable to you. The rest of this web blog precisely discusses on this matter.

Joining after std. 10 board exam

It is a well-known fact that CLAT Gurukul offers the best clat classes in Patna for students who have just passes their tenth board exam. You can start early with their foundation course. It is particularly crucial for students who want an extensively detailed study plan. The course convincingly covers all topics of the curriculum. You get ample time to prepare at a steady pace. Also, you get good quality study materials. Hence, as soon as you finish your 10th board exam, it is a wise step to enrol in the long-term course.

Joining after class 11 final exam

Many among you might need only a single year to prepare for CLAT. For aspirants like you, there are provisions in the best classes in Patna for 1 year course, where you can easily enrol after you have passed you std. 11 final exams. As soon as you pass out, it is intelligent to get in touch with a reputed coaching centre that has such facilities and discuss about your specific requirements. The 1-year preparatory course is a more focused approach to prepare for CLAT.

You can also join after class 12th board exam

If you are fairly confident about sitting for the exam, then you can join a course even after you take your 12th board exam. There is only a few months’ gap between your class 12 final exams and the CLAT paper. You have to deeply focus in these months to hone your skills and brush up concepts in order to successfully crack CLAT. There are more intensive courses that rapidly go through the core topics of the curriculum and teach you the required things to confidently sit for the exam. Such a study course has a more rigorous approach.

Crash course when only a couple of months left

When there is less than two months left for the CLAT exam, it is best to join a crash course of a reputed coaching centre. The study plan of such a crash course is absolutely perfect to address your particular needs of preparation. You are able to quickly skim through every relevant topic of the new curriculum of the exam, and sit for numerous mock tests in order to give finishing touches to your preparation.

Your dedication also does matter

Keep in mind that merely joining a course at the right time would not suffice to score high marks in CLAT. You have to put in required effort to get selected. For this, you have to definitely strategize and stick to an effective, well-defined study plan. The mentors of a top coaching centre would, of course, help you in this regard. You can freely discuss various aspects of preparing for the exam with them, noting important points that you can utilize to your benefit.

Talk to a mentor

You can talk to an experienced teacher or mentor to choose the right time to join a CLAT coaching institute. The professional coach would be more than happy to help you.